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About Us

Our Story: Northwest Insurance Agency

We are a family own Insurance Agency with over 46 years of experience in the DFW area.

Being unfamiliar with your financial obligations at the most inconvenient time is a moment that anyone might consider that they are on their way to the rock bottom of their lives. But, preventing that scene from happening to you, your business, or your family, can bring peaceful and even fruitful years. That is what our insurance agency is doing for families and businesses, staying eager to keep the financial peace for more years to come.

The time when Texas Hispanic Community started learning about insurance

As one of only a few insurance agencies catering to the Hispanic community, our services were in dire need as the community around him began to grow. That was when Mr. & Mrs. Al Villasana opened the doors to Northwest Insurance Agency. Texas has known this great demand, enjoying quality insurance investment products and outstanding customer service since 1970.

As Texas continued to thrive, more generations get familiarized with insurance coverage benefits after being educated by someone they could trust. Al made an unforgettable impression on his new clients with his baritone voice and friendly nature. He gained their trust almost immediately.

As years passed, Al would continue these relationships as “the insurance man” while being a soccer coach, fill-in crossing guard, and community leader.

More people trusting each other with years of financial peace

Al is a firm believer in hard work and has instilled this trait in his two sons, Mark and Eric. After school and on weekends, Mark would go to work for his father at the insurance agency. It was during this time he truly learned how to communicate in a business environment. During this time, his father emphasized the power and necessity of education in today’s society.

Mark took his education seriously and graduated with a degree from Southern Methodist University. Now Al has given his son the opportunity and the ability to run his own company. Mark picked up where his father left off, giving back to the community what the community has given them – trust and loyalty.

The Quality We Offer Today

We are delighted to continue this family endeavor within Dallas and beyond by catering to your online queries and applications. Getting the appropriate insurance product and other suitable financial services are easy to access with our friendly staff and streamlined system. Here, satisfied clients can leave reviews, helping families, businesses, and friends decide to secure their future.

Mission Statement

Since 1970, we are passionate about keeping the financial peace of businesses and families who entrusted their investments to our firm. We dedicate to get the most out of our client’s investments and being of superior value during the fulfillment of our declared financial duties in the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way.

Our Commitment

Securing investments, being transparent with clients, and fulfilling financial duties properly are the pinnacle of our services. We continuously stay at the summit by suggesting the most suitable option to our clients, sustaining the financial stability of our firm, and working closely with convenient organizations. Being a family-owned organization, it is our heart to see our future and existing clients stay informed about affordable and suitable insurance policies for their endeavors and claim the most of their benefits in their appropriate time of need.


we are members or the Latin American Association of Insurance Agencies (LAAIA.com), North Dallas Chamber of Commerce (ndcc.org)

Meet the Team

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